I was at a recent transportation forum concerning tolling freeways when one of the panelists, the Mayor of Vancouver, humbly referred to Vantucky, a moniker many of us have heard before. As I sat through yet another meeting on the topic of traffic in Portland, I realiz...

U.S. manufacturing is the transformation of raw materials into new products. The process is mechanical, physical, or chemical. The raw materials include commodities or components. It is the second stage of the supply chain. 

Manufacturing businesses include plants, fact...

Old Man Rivers

Erik, maintenance foreman for a paving company in Redmond, Oregon, told session six of the Leadership Development Lab:

"We have this guy at work that is a truck driver and he 'knows everything!' When any of us are in the shop working on any of our exceptio...

Sales management isn't just about optimizing sales strategies and fine tuning sales processes. In most organizations, it's also about managing the sales team and helping individual salespeople perform up to their potential. 

To do that effectively, Sales Managers m...

In this series of posts, I have been exploring the importance of establishing a culture of trust. Without shared trust, it is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, for a leader to be effective, for teams to work well, or for an organization to thrive during difficul...

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