The Last Solid Year?

The year 2017 finished with another solid performance. Net Absorption was weaker in the Fourth Quarter, with only 200k sf absorbed, resulting in an annual absorption of around 2 ¾’s M sf. This is down slightly from the roughly 3M sf absorbed each of the last two years, but still healthy. I had estimated a cooling to below 2 ½ million sf, so the year was a little stronger than I expected. Our year over year National GDP growth of around 2% continues to fuel our industrial absorption in the Greater Portland/Vancouver marketplace. We have been on a healthy, steady-as-she-goes course for quite a while now. I heard recently that we are in our 106th month of economic recovery, which is the th

Ace Hardware

Yesterday afternoon I stopped at Ace Hardware. I had several things on my list including: - a real straw broom - a paint brush - glue for a loose chrome strip on my car - bolts to put a kitchen table back together - a replacement for my favorite garden tool which is especially good for digging out blackberry bushes. A young man warmly greeted me, "Is anyone helping you?" He guided me from item to item, helped me pick out a wonderful broom, the bolts I needed, and so on until we completed my list except they did not stock the garden tool I wanted. He used his ACE catalog computer to see if he could order one for me. In just a few moments we located it, he assured me it would only take three d

Why Hiring a Salesperson from Inside Your Industry Can Destroy Sales

It’s natural to think that hiring a salesperson with experience in your industry is a good thing. The truth is, however, this kind of conventional “wisdom” can end up destroying sales, crushing employee morale, and threatening the very existence of your company! Our Advisors at Sales Xceleration tell us again and again that hiring a salesperson based on experience in your industry seldom works. Here’s why: Why Industry Experience Doesn’t Add Up to More Sales It might seem surprising that industry experience is not that valuable – or that it can be detrimental – for a salesperson, but here’s why that’s true: The Recycled Salesperson Salespeople who seem to float from company to company within