The Neverending Story

It is always a challenge to come up with the quarterly title, especially when we are at record levels for duration of recoveries. We have had growth in the US economy for about a decade now, which can make it tough to come up with a different way to say things are good. As I have been digesting information over the last couple of weeks getting ready to write this quarterly, the title above came to mind. We seem to be in this fantasy, never ending growth environment, which I, of course, will expand on below. I couldn’t use the title phrase without Googling it, and I got a 1984 movie about a kid reading a novel about Fantasia, a fantasy land threated by the “The Nothing,”, a darkness that d

Corporate Governance

Many business owners are unaware of their legal obligations regarding corporate governance and the fiduciary duties and fiduciary obligations of majority shareholders. Washington state law is explicit, defining both owner obligations and the steps corporations must take in order to protect the interests of minority shareholders. It’s absolutely critical that limited liability companies (LLC) follow both the letter and the spirit of the law in order to ensure they remain in compliance. At Horenstein Law Group, a portion of our practice is dedicated to helping family-run LLCs stay informed of the law and on top of their fiduciary duties and obligations. Contact Horenstein Law Group today with

The Annual Performance Review is Dead, Now What?

It’s been a slow death, but the Annual Performance Review is for the most part, dead. Soon, we will no longer hear about the annual performance review from companies large or small. It’s a giant, unproductive exercise in project management for the CEO or HR leader with ineffective outcomes. If you’re like most of the small business leaders that I know you have... Decided not to performance reviews anymore Forgot, ignored and have not done performance reviews in the past 1-2 years Never did annual performance reviews Why are annual performance reviews so darn ineffective? They are a recap of a year’s worth of performance. The employees in the 2018 workplace want to spend time looking at the p

Are You Postponing Profit?

Are You Postponing Profit? What executives don't always realize is that return on time (ROT) is often much greater than return on investment (ROI). Waiting until empty positions are filled or current priorities are completed before beginning a new, profit-boosting project doesn't yield a very good ROT. Recently a client delayed the start of a project until they could hire a new production scheduler, which took six months. Then something else came up which delayed the project further. In another case, a company postponed an operations improvement initiative for almost a year while they searched for a new VP, Operations. Once that person was hired, they tried to do it themselves and about six

Sales Team Planning: Top 10 Action Items to Help You Hit the Ground Running

Whether it’s a new calendar year, a new fiscal year, a new sales cycle, or simply time for a fresh look at how your sales team functions, a sales team plan is essential. After all, as Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” Common sense, right? But what are the most important planning activities for your sales team? Which ones can help you make the greatest gains in productivity and put your team on the path for greater success? Consider these top 10 sales team planning action items: 1. Adjust Your Plans Based on Recent History History is often the best predictor of future success (or failure). And the most reliable historical indicators are recent ones. Ther