Big Ups and Downs

We’ve enjoyed strong net absorption of industrial space over the last few years, averaging around 3,000,000 SF in each of the last three years. Most of this absorption has come from Third Party Logistics Companies (3PL’s) taking down large chunks of space. However, eventually big space occupiers move on. That happened in the first quarter of 2019, resulting in 200,000 SF of net negative absorption (space moved into minus space moved out of). Two of the largest contributors to the negative net absorption happened to be operating companies, with Solopower shutting down operations in 225,000 SF and Ashley Furniture consolidating 170,000 SF of warehouse space into other locations in their na

On-Boarding is 'Secret Sauce' to Cultivating Great Team

Sixty-nine percent of employees who experience a proper on-boarding stay on the job for three years. If that's not enough to catch your attention, consider this: 20 percent of turnover happens in the first 45 days (Click Boarding). We know that no business sets out to create an environment of chaos or one that is unwelcoming or even one that is boring, but new hires frequently report that their on-boarding is all three. New hires often report that they don't have enough to do. Sitting at a desk or workstation staring at the computer with nothing to do to be productive is dreadful. And, it happens to new hires frequently. An on-boarding plan is a method by which a company acclimates, engages,

2019 Legislative Report - Week 11

What's Happening (OSCC Political Observations) By Tuesday, April 9, all bills need to be voted out of their original committee in order to survive. This is the turning point of the session. Priorities get whittled down and the playing field becomes clearer as extraneous legislation falls by the wayside. We will know much more on Wednesday morning as committees will work into the evening up until the very last moments on Tuesday evening. Activity on Major Issues We want to reiterate the four major tax hikes being pushed by legislative leaders. As of now, all four proposals are serious and viable. It is the story of the 2019 Oregon legislature. Health Care Tax (HB 2269). This unbelievable prop

U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement

The National Association of Manufacturers is encouraging Oregon manufacturers to support the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement, or USMCA. NAM supports congressional passage of the agreement, as it encourages North American partnerships and presents a unified front against China’s trade practices. Key USMCA provisions to help modernize 21st-century North American trade: Strengthen and Modernizes America's Innovation Engine Manufacturers in the United States are innovation leaders and need strong rules to protect their ideas and inventions--the USMCA provides it. The USMCA includes best-in-class intellectual property rules to protect the full range of U.S. manufacturing inventions and innovations f