The Industrial Flu

The new decade (kind of) has started where the last one left off. Sort of weak. I blamed the last quarter of 2019 on a hangover, self-induced by Amazon, while this quarter could be chalked up to feeling ill from an external influence of the Coronavirus. Net Absorption was a minus 230,000 SF in Q1 2020, meaning more people moved out than moved into space. I would say the weakness in the first quarter of 2020 was a combination of the Amazon Effect during the first part of the quarter, and the Coronavirus by the end of the quarter. As a result, thanks in part to over 500k SF of new construction coming online, the vacancy rate rose from just below 4% to 4.1%. You can see the vacancies spread acr

Manufacturing B2B Clients Are Redefining the Purchasing Process

89%(1) of business buyers are using the internet to find their products. 76%(1) said the website design was the most important factor in determining their purchases. The transition from traditional to e-commerce purchasing models for businesses is happening faster than predicted. In 2018, B2B e-commerce sales passed $1 trillion (2), an amount initially not expected until 2020. This permanent shift is rapidly changing the buying expectations of buyers, wholesalers, and distributers with 57%(1) of buyers saying they make purchasing decisions prior to speaking with a sales agent. This shift has been taking place for almost 20 years. Since the early 2000s, the average growth rate for total manuf

Top Line - Bottom Line

Tax, Regulation and Business Response How to Survive and Thrive The truckers circle round the capital, once again, in protest over Kate Brown and the Oregon state legislature’s new taxes: gross receipt’s tax, carbon tax, payroll tax and many, many more. You name it there is a tax on business and employees. Your business is facing the ramifications of these taxes. “Hidden” taxes have driven businesses out of Oregon for over 20 years. To escape, Oregon’s Fortune 500 companies (i.e. Louisiana Pacific and Georgia Pacific) moved to more business-friendly states like Tennessee and Georgia, starting in the late 1990s. In December 2010, the WSJ reported the next wave. Oregon's Millionaires' Tax

Three Financing Traps that Borrowers Need to Avoid at All Costs

In the first part of this series, How to Get the Best Possible Loan for Your Property, I explained the importance of selecting a competent commercial mortgage broker to guide you through the process of financing your rental properties. Employing the services of a commercial mortgage broker has four distinct advantages over shopping the mortgage market on your own. If you didn’t read the previous article, I suggest you do so by clicking on this link: Four Advantages of Using a Commercial Mortgage Broker. Bottom line, they will substantially increase your chances of getting the best possible loan for your property. But you also need to be knowledgeable about financing. It’s not all on their