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U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement

The National Association of Manufacturers is encouraging Oregon manufacturers to support the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement, or USMCA. NAM supports congressional passage of the agreement, as it encourages North American partnerships and presents a unified front against China’s trade practices.

Key USMCA provisions to help modernize 21st-century North American trade:

Strengthen and Modernizes America's Innovation Engine

Manufacturers in the United States are innovation leaders and need strong rules to protect their ideas and inventions--the USMCA provides it.

  • The USMCA includes best-in-class intellectual property rules to protect the full range of U.S. manufacturing inventions and innovations from foreign theft or misappropriation.

  • The USMCA sets new standards for the 21st-century digital economy that foster continued innovation and prohibit distortive foreign government measures that undermine it.

Expands U.S. Manufacturing Access to Canada and Mexico

Manufacturers in the United States need open access to reach foreign customers in our two largest export markets, Canada and Mexico--the USMCA provides it.

  • The USMCA ensures manufacturers can sell their products duty-free into Canada and Mexico, including new access for important food and remanufactured goods.

  • The USMCA eliminates red tape at the border and makes it easier for small and medium-sized business to sell into both Canada and Mexico.

Levels the Playing Field

Manufacturers in the United States want fair competition with the same rules applied at home and abroad--the USMCA provides it.

  • The USMCA raises standards, improves transparency and prohibits anti-U.S. discrimination and anti-competitive activity from foreign governments.

  • The USMCA provides the same binding enforcement for all obligations, from commercial issues to labor and environment.

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