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7 Must-Have Security Policies for Your Business

By: Peggy Kitzmiller + Peter Adams | September 8, 2021

For many organizations, the past year has been replete with unexpected changes and challenges. Along with the shift toward Work From Anywhere, companies are now faced with matching new productivity tools with corresponding security measures. And with so many regulatory requirements intended to optimize cybersecurity, we know it can be tough to keep track—which is why we’ve outlined the top seven minimum security policies for your business:

  1. All employees must participate in annual security awareness training.

  2. Strong passphrase policy should be implemented, with a minimum of 14 characters and complexity; 20 characters or more is preferable.

  3. Implement Multifactor Authentication for Microsoft and all other business applications where available.

  4. All laptops must be encrypted using Bitlocker or another similar method.

  5. All servers must have a backup mechanism in place.

  6. All computers must be protected with antivirus/anti-malware capabilities.

  7. Security policies should be document and well-organized.

Prioritizing these seven best practices, organizations can effectively create a more secure environment, decreasing the likelihood that sensitive or otherwise valuable operational or client data is compromised.

Improving Organizational Security with Aldrich Technology

While every company will have specific, additional security guidelines depending on their regulatory environment, customer requirements, or infrastructure complexity, these seven policies can help your business improve organizational security. Well-designed and -executed security will enhance the employee experience, improve the integrity of company data, and mitigate your risk for data loss. If you have questions or concerns about your organization’s security posture, reach out to Aldrich Technology today.

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